Smart Secretary Help Manual

Easy Notifications

Notification either opens the events log on single click or control the sound in a single click.

What is a busy mode?

We use this term as a duration in which you are socially bound. For example sleeping, meeting, praying are few examples of busy modes.

What is the COST of Smart Secretary?

Its FREE!, There are some advanced features in the future version which can later on be purchased within the application if you want them. Smart secretary will only show you very few Ads to support its development in the free version, But in a way that you will never be annoyed.
NOTE If SMS reply is enable in the "Smart Secretary Settings > Services Status" then SMS is presented to you for sending to the caller with a single touch.

How quickly can I can understand it?

Only one time use of a feature is enough to understand it. First time use can easily be viewed from its Help.

When new features are added, is the current feature will still be availble for Free?

Yes, Even the team will try to add more free features to assist you more than expected. Always keep up with the latest version to utilize its full potential.

Why Operator is always OFF on my Dashboard?

Operator will only be "On Duty" when a busy mode is in-progress and also it is enable from Settings. This will then reject calls on first try and will infor your caller with your ongoing busy schedule.

What are the channels to suggest for changes?

There are multiple channels you can recommend us.

  1. Withing application you can Go to "About" screen from "Menu > About Á Feedback" and write suggest us.
  2. Access us via email ""
  3. You can also Rate us on Playsote.

How to share the application with my friends?

You can share it within application "Menu > Share it"

What is the purpose of "Secretary" checkbox control on the dashboard?

To allow you to enable or disable secretary in a single touch.