Smart Secretary can handle busy modes.

When you are sleeping, in a meeting, driving, praying or playing in the ground and cannot answer important calls, Then let your secretary app handle all such busy modes and intelligently respond in smart way to your caller.

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Smart Secretary aims to ease your life by intelligently utilizing the hardware potentials of your smart phone. The first basic version helps in handling your social bindings when you let it know about those busy moments.

Sleeping, meeting, praying are few of the examples when you need assistance in responding to important calls, so that your caller does not feel embaracement. In busy situation Secreatary app can silent, reject calls and also respond intelligently as per your customization. For more details please go through its features.

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Our Progress

Your free Secretary is READY!

We have ensured that it perform well what it claims, But diversity and out of the box use always discover something slippery in apps. Participate with us in making it more smarter and intelligent app via Email or Contact Us form.

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Pwoerful Free Features

Just Busy

Just got busy without planning? Use just busy mode with a single tap in a SECOND! only. Explain

Planned Busy Modes

You social bindings (Meetings, Praying, Sleeping etc.) are your planned busy modes and you can tell the secretary as many as you want. Explain


For muslims, location and Time aware prayer calculator is embedded that you can configur as per your need. You can control azan offering as well. NOTE! You can disabled it. Explain

Easy Notifications

The app will only notify you when a busy mode ends or you want to cancel the offering of AZAN. We hate un-necessary notifications as well.

Events Logs

No hidden background activity are performed. You can easily view what secretary and operator are doing. Also shows any SMS or Missed Call communications.

Application Settings

Profile requires your name only. Other configurations are avilable in their respective usage area for easy customization. Explain

Our features

Our Approach of Design is Simple and Clear

The app theme is natual. The flow of screen and accessibility is design to perform activities in minimum steps. HCI principles are applied and customized controls are developed to ease the use of the applicaiton.

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Easy Notifications

Notification either opens the events log on single click or control the sound in a single click.


Secretary is assisted by an operator that will reject calls and inform the caller about your busy status. You can easily disabled operator to stop calls rejection and auto reply.

Easy Layout

Application use is separated into four major conrns of Dashboard, Events, Contacts and Prayers so that you can easily focus on anyone you want to monitor.

Download The App

The first version as beta release helps in tuning the modernization and devices for the welfare of human beign. Please install to let us know your experience.

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